so For Goodness Sakes, If You Come Up With An Invention The Very First Thing You Should Do Is See Whether It Exists And Can Be Purchased Online Or In Stores.

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Before You Crowdfund an Invention, Consider Patent Protection

Patents are very expensive, however, and many product creators will take a far-less expensive step and first file a provisional patent application. A provisional patent application is a document filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that establishes an early filing date and gives the inventor one year to file a regular patent application. The provisional application is a shorter, more simplified version of the patent application. Some people mistakenly say that filing this document gives them a “provisional patent” even though no such thing exists. The correct term after filing any patent application, provisional or not, is that the invention is “patent pending.” Related:  Lower Trademark Filing Fees Coming Soon Does the “patent pending” label protect the inventor from online thieves and pirates? While filing a provisional application can act as a deterrant that dissuades your competition from stealing your product, it does not provide an enforceable patent that gives you the best protection under the law. However, as a practical matter, filing a provisional patent application can be a valuable advertising tool, and one that helps attract investor capital, whether through crowdfunding or more traditional investor funding. Susa also notes another benefit to filing the provisional patent application.  “If an inventor’s goal is to license their product, many large companies often want to see that an inventor has made that effort before they go into business with you,” he says. The bottom line is simple: Protect your idea the best you can before you put it on display on a crowdfunding platform for the world to see. Talking to an attorney who specializes in patent and intellectual property law is an investment every inventor and product creator should make before diving into the crowdfunding arena. Related:  Don't Let the Fear of Your Idea Being Stolen Hold You Back Kendall Almerico is a crowdfunding & JOBS Act attorney with law firm of Almerico Law in the Washington, D.C.

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The Top 5 Mistakes Inventors make with their Invention

 There are many gadgets not on the market because no patent protection could be obtained because it was patented many years earlier. Over time, however, I have come in contact with a variety of inventors who do their own patent search, then they have a professional patent search done in the responsible manner.  Everything looks clear and then out of no where the inventor finds the exact thing is available for sale on the Internet.  How can that happen? A patent search is just that.  A search of patents and published patent applications.  You hire InventHelp reviews trained professionals to do a patent search, InventHelp inventor service but the patent search does not typically include a product search online.  That is the responsibility of the inventor.  So for goodness sakes, if you come up with an invention the very first thing you should do is see whether it exists and can be purchased online or in stores.  If it can be then you shouldn’t move forward.

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